Coaching/Training Seminar

Fellow Members
You will recall we cancelled a coaching seminar/talk because of a clash with Football.
Hopefully Thursday 3 April will not clash with anything.
I note this is one week before the start of the Southport CC tens.
Peter Graham will be the principal speaker. You may recall my mentioning Peter was 5 times hill climb champion in a previous email.
I recall Peter emerging as a very fast 15 year old in 1951 on the 10 mile course run by CTC on Friday Evenings – it went from the top of Walmersley Road to just short of Rawtenstall and back. I do not think he rode the Bury Clarion Tens that year. He did ride our Tens in 1952 on the Pilsworth course. By that time we had revised the course and cut out Langley Lane but we included Hareshill Road which at that time was full of potholes so instead of a hill we had  ’The Hell’ of this obstacle. Peter though knocked out 23 minute 10s every week.
I know that Peter is not one who lives in the past but he will be up-to-date with current training techniques.
So Thursday 3rd of April in the Sinatra Room at Elton Liberal Club, New George Street off Walshaw Road, Bury.
It would be good to know if you intend to come along. It gives us a chance to get to know each other better. At the moment we have 79 members if all those who have not yet paid their subs rejoin we will have 90 members. The last time we had more members than this was in 1954 when we had 100 members.
Cheers Peter Roscoe

Presentation Evening February 28th 2014

Guest of Honour 2013 Peter Boyd

Guest of Honour 2013 Peter Boyd

This year’s annual awards evening and social at Elton Liberal Club was the most successful since the heady days of cycling in the 1960’s. It was boosted by it being a joint evening with Bolton Clarion. Club Chair Nick Hall opened proceedings and talked about the good things that have happened amongst club members during the past year such as Simon Yates winning the World’s Points Championship and performing so well in the Tour of Britain whilst brother Adam also had a successful season noting in particular his second place in the Tour L’Avinir. They are now with the professional Orica Greenedge team and we expect them to progress to ever-greater heights.

Chris Taylor receives his Hill Climb Trophy 2013

Chris Taylor receives his Hill Climb Trophy 2013

On then to a most splendid buffet prepared by Lindsey Williams – I know that neither Sylvia nor myself have never seen or enjoyed such appetizing buffet fare. On then to Nick welcoming our guest of honour Peter Boyd, former national tandem sprint champion and Commonwealth Games participant. Peter flattered us with his having done some research into our histories noting that Bolton Clarion (1896) was slightly older than Bury (1901) remarking it was good to see that ‘some of the founders were with us for the evening’s celebration’.


Nigel Hood with the 10mile TT Handicap Trophy

Nigel Hood with the 10mile TT Handicap Trophy

Bolton’s awards winners introduced by Tony Bowles for presentation by our guest of honour followed and then Bob Duckworth introduced Bury’s winners. Nick Hall won the 25, 50, Tens and Best All Rounder Championships. Other championship winners were Chris Taylor, Hill Climb and Nigel Hood, Handicap. Ryan Harrison was presented with a citation relating to his contribution to the development of our club, Liam Shaw a certificate for his setting up a new juvenile record for the ascent of the Rake in the Lancashire Road Club Hill Climb and Nick Hall a certificate for his beating of the club 50-mile record.

Ryan Harrison receives his certificate

Ryan Harrison receives his certificate

An important aspect of our awards evening is the presentation of personal best certificates as not all can aspire to winning club championship. Jon Longworth was the only one to receive this kind of certificate for a personal best at 25 miles. A nice touch was that I was presented with a certificate relating to my 1963 time on the Rake, which must be beaten by any contender before they can claim the record for a senior rider.
Club stalwart Andy Horner missed out on any club championship but it was pleasing that he won our recent club short distance time trial and was presented with a bottle of ‘Fairtrade’ wine. It would be pleasing for Andy to have got the better of Nick Hall who took second place for another bottle of Fairtrade wine. There was a great deal of camaraderie on the evening and Bob Duckworth had gone to great trouble in preparing an amusing ‘cycle’ racing game.

TT Results

Andy Horner and Adrian Brooks rode the SPOCO hilly 11 mile TT yesterday – Andy posted a 28.19 and Adrian 30.13 to place them 35th and 56th out of 80 starters.

Combined Clubs TT Result 22/2/14

Results of TT yesterday near Garstang – unfortunately the route was cut to 6 miles due to road works. Andy Horner had a convincing win by 15 seconds on a really tough windy day!

1st Andy Horner 14.33
2nd Nick Hall 14.48
3rd Joe Cadwallader 15.09
4th Jon Longworth 15.34
5th Liam Shaw 16.14
6th Ryan Harrison 18.14
7th Phil Collins 18.24
8th Bob Duckworth 19.17

Ade Hughes and Phil Rowsell (2nd claim Bury members) joined us from North Cheshire Clarion Cycling Club with very respectable times of 15.05 and 15.16 respectively.

BAR Competition (Best All Round)

Hello Racing Men
Bob has mentioned below about the 7/10 mile TT being the first in our ‘Points Competition’ more appropriately the ‘blue riband’ of our club championships in that it is our Best All Rounder competition (for decades it was based on time trials). In British Cycling, the CTT Best All Rounder competition is a  time trial competition but our competition is more truly a best all rounder competition based on a variety of events.
Other counting events in the Bury Clarion BAR will be events such as the National Clarion Track Championships, the fastest 50 and 100 miles time trials during the year (also for the club championships at these distances). The one day events of hill climb, 25 championship, the handicap championship, the National Clarion Road Race and the criterium that Nick will be running. My daughter Susan has now designed an automated system for the points scoring so I intend to keep you informed of every change in the placings throughout the year. I can pick results up from the Cycling Time Trials Website but better if you inform me of your results as they occur.
So a good reason for ‘going all that way’ to the event on Saturday for what will probably be a very short race. Another good reason is the camaraderie after the event at the event HQ and also getting to know your fellow members better. Another reason is the possibility of winning the team prize – well I’m not aware of the ability of any of the other club’s entrants but the team is five and if all our members ride we may just pull it off. Nick and Andy will have a better idea of our chances than I have.
Lastly there are prizes for Bury Clarion 1st 2nd and 3rd. Our awards evening takes place in Fairtrade Fortnight so appropriately a bottle of Fairtrade wine for first and second and a bar of Fairtrade chocolate for 3rd. In my book all palatable but probably not for the connoisseur – I refrain from stating what my thoughts are on their attitude. If you are eligible for a prize and do not come to the awards evening on 28th Feb then the prize is forfeited.
Best wishes to you all
and if you do not win a club championship this year may you at least have the pleasure of a personal best or two or be part of a Bury Clarion winning team in an event.

Mike Humphreys’ Report

Thought I’d give you a round up of a cycling event I attended yesterday.

I was visiting my parents’ in Yorkshire this weekend. As part of my home visit ritual I dropped in the local bike shop, Cycle Sense in Tadcaster – close family friends of ours – and they mentioned in passing that there was a 50 mile reliability trial starting in Poole, and that in previous years it had been ridden as a peloton and that some big names had attended. Intrigued, I decided to bob along.

Sunday morning was beautiful, and as I hadn’t expected to do any major miles at a hard pace, I was incredibly overdressed, and even as I rode the 10 miles to the start line, I was steaming! This was definitely a major club with a big turn out from Alba Rosa CC and Harrogate Nova amongst others, but as I signed up I saw the black and pink of Rapha Condor JLT, the green of Altura-Wheelbase and blue of NetApp-Endura…

I chose to set off with a few Harrogate Nova CC riders. We set a good pace as we approached the biggest climb of the day, Norwood Edge, a 3rd Category that featured early on the route. It’s a hill that I’ve never had favourable conditions for, so I hit the front of our group and decided to give it some welly. Little did I realise but the group I had set out with contained brothers Simon and Greg Ketteringham, local heroes that have come first in huge rides such as the Etape du Dales, and as I went into oxygen debt at the top of the climb, I found myself unable to match their steady but strong pace once we’d passed the summit.
I rode solo for a short while, but was caught by a group of about 7 riders as I got stuck behind a stopping bus. I stuck with these guys the rest of the ride, all of us evenly matched but pushing each other harder and harder up the short steep climbs along the saw-toothed profile. Each of us took turns on the front, and I quickly found myself getting smoother as we rotated and more comfortable riding in close proximity.
As the course flattened out we upped the pace, but all of a sudden our little unit was swallowed by the peloton of elites and semi-pros that had set off shortly after us. This was a superb chance to really experience serious race dynamics, and I sat myself at the back as I got my comfortable, being towed along by the draft. We hit a few junctions, traffics lights and roundabouts before hitting the final few miles into a serious headwind, and the big boys laid the hammer down. Us mere mortals could only watch as the gap grew!
Only a few miles later and the course finished in the centre of Knaresborough with some much needed cake! I then had a 15 mile ride back to my parents’. I did my best to ensure that I maintained my average through to the end. By the time I got in, I could barely walk!
I’d really recommend trying something like this if you’re thinking of racing as an early season form-finder. It was a great experience and the best training you could hope for!
No chance you’ll find me on a Wattbike session tonight!
Mike Humphreys


Chris Taylor’s Report 19/1/14

Clarion190114Today’s ride was another brilliant turn out of 12


Chris Taylor

Joseph Cadwallader

David Stammers

Russ Keeble

Mark Graveson

Declan Brady

Liam Shaw

Pete Armstrong

Jon longworth

Mike Smith & dad

Ryan Whatmough

First of all I would like to say a few words about two young lads we have in our club
Liam Shaw and Declan Brady:

Liam has been with us for while now and is a very good rider, but, has lacked something throughout the ride and has sometimes really suffered, initially I thought it was just too many attacks off the front and was blowing up further up the road, but watching him a bit more I’m pretty sure it was nutrition. The last two weeks he has brought more food and water and my goodness are we seeing a difference. The small lean figure which should be flying up hills is now back doing just that. Definitely One to watch for the future.


Declan has also been with us for sometime but his first few rides I was not out on a Sunday so i did not meet him, the1st time I saw him he stuck with it but was shattered, 2nd time he stuck with the very windy climb up the cragg hitched onto mine and Mike Smiths rear wheels, 3rd time on the same hills 7days later he was pacing me up the cragg quicker than I had done for him a week earlier,  today he was in the lead group every time showing the strength and determination he has. Another to watch out for.

Ryan’s dad Paul wasn’t out as he was going to see Martin Usher who is now back on his bike and making a speedy recovery :) Nick Hall was over in Blackpool – I think.

Jon had a few routes and so did Joe, Joe’s were more local and as Mike has recently has a baby he didn’t want to venture too far, so it was decided the route would be up the hills of ashey valley, blackstone edge, clough foot and the dreaded Rake – just as a little night cap as joe would put it….. I’d of preferred a brandy but hey……

Off we went up ashey valley, I lead, soon to be passed, and Declan started at the back, ended up getting too the top second just behind Dave who once again was showing his amazing climbing ability even if he was on his “training bike ” which ran dura ace wheels…….

After a regroup at the top, off we went to blackstone edge. Mike & pops decided they were turning off at Littleborough and heading home through Milnrow and Shaw.

Jon Longworth is no Mark Cavendish but he has one of the most Impressive Diesel engines I have ever seen which showed on this climb. We hit it well.  Dave went off the front with his Contador like break, I was on Jon’s wheel with a few others but before I knew it there was a large gap of fog between myself and the group, I could see a flashing rear light which I decided to dig deep and chase, head went down and I dug in, looked up 30 secs later and the light was gone… At this point I knew I wasn’t going to catch and decided to get my breath back and pace myself easily to the top. Ryan decided he would be also going down the cragg (thank goodness it was “down”!!) but leaving us at the bottom and heading home.

At this point Joe decided it would be a good idea to chain gang it to from mytholmroyd to todmorden, (chain gang meaning can be found on the bury clarion website.) I set off, Joe and Dave joined me and we hit it hard, average was 23mph ish, but, 3/4 of the way we thought we had over cooked the turning for clough foot so we more or less stopped, we hadn’t and our hopefully impressive average was ruined. Better luck next time.
We got too tod and had a little breather, took on liquid and food (of course a little banter) Jon said lets go up this as a group as his legs were feeling it to which Joe echoed…. You both lied!! (As you will now find out)

Off we went to clough foot, I had never been up this before and it was known as one of the hardest local climbs (can’t wait…) and after the climbing we had already encountered we were all going to suffer here. Again Dave went, he just can’t help himself, Joe was having none of his nonsense and went after him (i thought you had tired legs…..) me, Jon and Declan formed a mini group. As before Jon’s big V8 kicked in and the quick ish pace he was going to maintain to the top was set (again, I thought you also had tired legs…..) I wasn’t holding this pace and dropped back a little.
Dec and Jon caught Joe and Dave which I thought were the four making it to the top first, but Dave and Jon had other ideas and slowly speeded away to summit 1st, followed by the other two, myself, Liam and then mark…. Who decided he wasn’t stopping. I’ve seen Mark decent – or rather felt the gust as he’s flown past me – Jon knows him well and once he’s off, he’s off! Try all you want but you’re wasting your time….we let him go for a min or two whilst we waited for the rest.

Re group at the top and towards the rake we headed, as we turned towards Ramsbottom Russ, Liam and Pete carried on towards bury. At the turning for the rake Jon and Mark shouted “have fun” they were not coming up, and “fun” is not what we are about to have.
It hurt, it hurt a lot,  but with us all virtually licking our wheels we all made it to the top. Speed on the rake 5.8mph…… Beat that froomy.

Well deserved roll back down to the hair and hounds and home we went.

What a day, what a ride with a great bunch of lads.

See you all next week

Chris Taylor

Nigel’s Ride Report 18/1/14

Nigel’s report from this morning’s ride

Another good turnout for the Saturday ride, thirteen.
John Yates had agreed to look after the rear of the ride so a swifter pace than last week was attempted. As we passed through Horwich we latched on to the lancs rc group to make a combined pack of just under thirty.
Knowing that the lancs rc were on a different route, when a few of our riders were caught by the Adlington lights we eased off and re-grouped on the A6.
So it was a group of ten that worked together into the wind on the return journey. Hope to see you all next week.
P.s. Ryan got his revenge for making him suffer a couple of weeks back, easily besting me on the lowercroft dip.